Do you love HBS?

We are looking for current families who LOVE HBS and are willing to share what they love about HBS’s unique community and learning environment with prospective families.  To sign up click here!

Ambassador Family FAQ’s

What is an Ambassador Family?
An Ambassador Family will serve as a point of contact for a prospective family so they can answer questions that may differ from teacher or administrator questions.
What is the time commitment?
All we ask is that once you are notified of a match, you reach out to the family via email or phone within 2 weeks.  Parents will be making decisions in the next couple of months and we want to have contact prior to those decisions.
Do I have to be a Mentor Family to be an Ambassador Family?
No, you can start be an Ambassador Family with no prior experience as a Mentor Family.  If you decide you want to continue as a Mentor Family great, if not, no problem!
What if we are new to the school this year?
No problem, you don’t need to know all the answers to potential questions.  You just need to be willing to share what you find special about HBS.
What happens if I don’t know an answer to a question a prospective family asks?
Just reach out to me via this email address.  If I don’t know the answers I can get you the contact information for the person who will.
Is there training involved?
Nothing is required.  If you feel more comfortable with a little training, just indicate it on the sign up sheet and Katherine Major, Director of Institutional Advancement, will reach out to you.


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