What weighs four pounds and has a nose for the weather? Schmitty the Weather Dog!

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On Friday, September 28th, HBS learners and their teachers were lucky enough to experience a fun-filled weather-themed assembly featuring NYC Meteorologist Ron Trotta and NYC children’s book author, Elly McGuire, along with their furry celebrity pup named Schmitty!

Combining literacy, music and an adorable dog, “Team Schmitty” visits schools across the country with their Science Sing-Along Show inspiring students to get excited about STEM subjects. Author Elly’s oral reading of her book, “Schmitty the Weather Dog: Daydream,” was so captivating that you could have heard a pin drop! Then Schmitty the Weather Dog came out, and the crowd went wild with “oohs” and “aahs” over the pint-sized REAL dog in her weather gear. Meteorologist Ron shared his many talents, such as singing, keyboard playing and impressive knowledge of weather, while HBS learners had the opportunity to answer weather-themed questions and win a Schmitty pin! Singing and dancing to the fun “Weather Words” jingle followed, and the assembly closed with a rousing rendition of, “Hey Schmitty What Do You Say?” performed by the teachers. One-third grader stated, “That was the best assembly ever! Schmitty was TOO cute, and I learned about precipitation AND saw my teacher sing and dance. AWESOME!”

Schmitty, The Weather Dog, has appeared on The Ellen Show, Access Hollywood, and has been on stage in NYC’s Central Park with Oprah. Schmitty the Weather Dog and Meteorologist Ron have been the official weather team for the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP), and the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Along with Author Elly (who grew up in Rhode Island, and whose brother went to HBS), they have visited more than 200 elementary schools across the country with their STEM enrichment program.

This assembly was the first of three programs sponsored by the HBS Student Enrichment Committee this year. The second assembly will be held on Friday, January 4th and will feature “Napua O’Polynesia” who will bring HBS on a cultural tour of the Polynesian Islands of Hawaii and New Zealand, as well as Tahiti, the Philippines, Marquesas, and Samoa through song, music, and dance!

For more information on Schmitty the Weather Dog, Meteorologist Ron, Author Elly and the Schmitty The Weather Dog Science Sing-Along Show, go to www.SchmittyTheWeatherDog.com or email info@SchmittyTheWeatherDog.com.