The Henry Barnard Laboratory School, Rhode Island College, What Works

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Arango, John & McLaughlin, Charlie; The Henry Barnard Laboratory School, Rhode Island College, September 2007. (What Works)

For over 40 years the Henry Barnard Laboratory School, on Rhode Island College’s campus, has enjoyed a rich tradition of providing exciting technology education programs. Today, under the able guidance of John Arango, the program continues to help students explore the world around them and to appreciate the technology that they use in their lives. Preschool students and K-6 pupils participate in all sorts of interesting projects, from bridge building, robotics, and agriculture, to the building of C[O.sub.2] racers, MagLev vehicles, and watercraft. Many of the projects the students are engaged in are school-wide integration efforts. The program is fortunate that teachers in the other classrooms recognize the importance of hands-on applications to reinforce the concepts they teach.

PUBLICATION: Technology and Children, Vol. 12, No. 1, September 2007