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Ms. Meg Adair

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I began my journey here at the Henry Barnard School in 2004 as a Teacher Assistant in the preschool classroom. Since then I have held the position of Instructor and Assistant Professor in the Kindergarten program from 2005 – 2017. This year I have begun the next step of my journey as an Assistant Professor in the First-Grade program. I hold a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology from Westfield State College and a Masters of Education degree from Rhode Island College. From the start of my career here at Henry Barnard School, the students, faculty members, and the families have inspired me to reach for my goals as a teacher. In the Fourteen years, I have been here not one day has been the same. The halls are filled with enthusiasm to learn, grow, share, create, and succeed. I have learned amazing lessons right along with my students.

The foundation for my teaching has been formed by my observations and hands-on experience with students in preschool through first grade. I have learned the value of compassion and the need to understand the individual student. I am dedicated and determined to provide the students at Henry Barnard School with the highest level of opportunity to succeed educationally and socially through innovative and tested teaching techniques.

The area I enjoy the most in my classroom is working with families to create a learning environment where everyone is a teacher. Working with families fosters a positive and personal relationship with students to reach social and educational goals. It can create an exciting atmosphere where students can share and grow confident in their abilities as well as maintain a high level of enjoyment and desire for learning.

When you walk into my classroom expect to hear music and laughter while we explore, discover, share, invent, create and grow our love for learning!