Kristin J. McBride

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In my experience as a school counselor in K-12 education has taught me that every student is capable, deserving, and with the right support, can be ready to reach their full potential. My job in guidance is to help students discover the social, emotional, & academic tools they will need to develop the ability to problem-solve independently.

I teach social skills in all classrooms utilizing a variety of social/emotional curriculum and activities. I have an open-door policy to allow students to seek a safe place to discuss any problems or worries. I feel a student’s success is dependent upon communication and consultation with parents and teachers. Additionally, I help prepare fifth-grade families for the transition to middle school from the application process and beyond.

I first became acquainted with HBS when my oldest child began here. As a parent, with two children at HBS, I fell in love with the culture and climate of the school. As a substitute teacher at HBS for the past few years, and before taking the guidance role, I saw first-hand the difference a dedicated and caring staff could make in children’s lives. I am continually amazed by the warmth, desire to learn, and compassion the students demonstrate every day. Henry Barnard is a truly unique place where every child has an opportunity to thrive.