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Mrs. Jennie Schwab

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I remember walking down the halls of Henry Barnard School for the first time, the morning after the infamous Arts Night. I was in awe of the variety and beauty of the student’s artwork. As I walked by classrooms, I could hear the busy chatter of students working in groups. Students smiled in the hallway, and everyone was friendly. I knew this was the place for me!

After many years teaching in the Montessori primary and elementary environments, I joined the team at Henry Barnard School. I firmly believe in Montessori’s principle of “the hand teaching the mind” and have seen students flourish using this methodology. I strive to spark curiosity and adventure in my students which in turn provokes them to explore, learn and ultimately become responsible for the world around them. Students in my class have a positive impact on their local community through real-world projects which incorporate many academic areas of the classroom. Some of these activities include designing and making fleece hats using sewing machines. Students vote where to donate the hats such as Hasbro Children’s Hospital. Each year students become entrepreneurs to plan and run a “Used Book Sale.” Proceeds are donated to their designated choice such as Pawtucket Backpackers which provides food for hungry children to eat on weekends.

Learning on the RIC campus provides many exciting opportunities for us, such as visiting the RIC Biology laboratories each year to learn about the human brain. This study helps our class become Brain Ambassadors to educate their fellow students during National Brain Awareness Week. For the past two years, our HBS Third Grade Brain Ambassadors have hosted their booth at the Brown University Brain Fair!

Collaboration is fundamental in my teaching pedagogy. I feel privileged to learn, share ideas, and collaborate with my colleagues at Henry Barnard School and RIC. I am also grateful to HBS Families who share their wealth of information and resources with our class to enhance our learning experience. Each day brings a new adventure at HBS!