Mrs. Sara Hess

Mrs. Sarah Hess

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When I interviewed at Henry Barnard, the first thing I noticed was that the hallways are different here. Art seems to be everywhere, the students are happy, and groups of college students move from place to place, ready to observe in a classroom, work with small groups of students, or pilot a new lesson.

2020-2021 will be my seventh year at Henry Barnard, and I’m still as moved by the joyful, creative, interchange in the hallways as I was when I first arrived. Before HBS, I had taught in public, private, and charter schools in Rhode Island and Phoenix, Arizona, and studied child development and education for the better part of 12 years.

My alma maters are Wellesley College, Roger Williams University, and Rhode Island College, where I received my B.A., M.A.T., and M.Ed, respectively, and certifications in Elementary Education (1st-6th grades) and Building Level Administration (PK-12). I also studied psychology and worked in research at Butler Hospital, and I continue to be extraordinarily interested in the applications of behavioral research on education.

I feel incredibly lucky to put my experience to work at Henry Barnard. Working with college students and elementary school students at a lab school is my dream job!