Mrs. Lyn Su Otto

Mrs. Lyn Su Otto

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I started my career in education later than most. I was a stay at home mom when I earned my undergraduate degree from Bridgewater State University. I was welcomed into the Henry Barnard family in 2001. From the time I walked through the doors here, I could tell this was a special place. The halls were decorated with student work and there seem to be a buzz of excitement throughout the hallways.

It didn’t take long to discover just how unique HBS is. As a laboratory school, we have the unique opportunity to explore what is up and coming in the world of education. We have the academic freedom to engage each student as individuals, while still having the warmth and cohesiveness of a successful classroom.

As an intervention specialist, I work closely with classroom teachers and students to ensure each child has the opportunity to achieve their full potential. I also enjoy working with college students as they gain valuable knowledge teaching our diverse learners.

Perhaps the most rewarding part of my day, though, is watching the children’s faces as they attain new learning. The joy and wonder they experience are heartwarming and inspiring. I find myself learning things right along with them. As a child, I told my parents when I grew up I wanted to be a professional student, so I could keep going to school and continue learning. I have achieved that life-long learner goal as I often gain new learning or inspiration working with the children and faculty at HBS.