Mrs. Lorraine Downes

Ms. Lorraine Downes

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My initial introduction to HBS was as a parent. I observed how my child questioned and laughed and spoke about words and numbers and colors. She loved school and had a lot to say about her teachers and friends. Her enthusiasm and the school’s creativity inspired me to return to teaching.

Working at a laboratory school gives me the opportunity to work with both elementary and pre-service teachers. I often have practicum students as well as student observers visiting my classroom. I welcome the opportunity to interact with aspiring art educators as I am interested in discussing common interests and ideas.

I believe in collaboration, and I actively seek collaborations with my grade-level colleagues. I find this work the most rewarding and challenging of my career. I believe our school fosters this collaborative spirit and it makes HBS a special place filled with joyous moments.

I hope for you that you see some of those sweet, little moments when your child laughs and reads and speaks of colors with a lilt in their voice and a twinkle in their eye as my daughter did, not so very long ago.