Mrs. Elizabeth Orton

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This is my 10th year of teaching preschool at Henry Barnard School and what a great ten years it’s been! Educating young children is my passion, and I consider preschoolers to be ‘my people’; we speak the same language. I have the pleasure of welcoming children and their families to their first formal school experience. I view the families as a partner in the early childhood journey.

The preschool program takes its influence from a variety of schools of thought, most notably the Reggio Emilia approach. The children are capable and competent. The teachers join the students in learning about the world around them, with particular influence of the natural world. The interests of the children guide our curriculum. Depending upon the day or time of year the children are observing pumpkins decaying, hatching butterflies, and seeing the changes from tadpole to frog or the fantastic transformation of ladybug larvae to a ladybug. We cook, sew, and search for insects in our garden. We spend our days engrossed in children’s work- PLAY.