Mrs. Elaine Walsh

Mrs. Elaine Walsh

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As a teacher of Kindergarten children, I want the children to see the passion I have for learning so they will be actively involved in their learning process. I want the children to come into my classroom with a smile on their face and know that I genuinely care about them, that they are encouraged to take risks in learning and be proud of what they do each day.

I am proud to be a member of the Henry Barnard faculty. Just as I work to encourage my students to create, explore and experiment with ideas, I also have the opportunity to do the same as the students in my class. As an educator of young children, I pursue professional activities that will enhance my teaching skills. The professional development seminars that I attend open my mind to provide developmentally appropriate activities to help me reach my goals in educating the children in my class, as well as the practicum students that teach in my classroom.

I am also excited to use the “bucket-filling” social-emotional curriculum in my classroom to help children learn the importance of being kind and helpful to others. I reinforce this skill with the children all year by having the children collect monthly food donations for the Rhode Island Community Food Bank. We are filling a “bucket” for those in need.

In the poem, “All I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” by Robert Fulgham, one phrase says – “learn some, think some and draw, paint, sing, dance and work some every day.” By incorporating all of these skills into my daily program, I am proud of my role as a teacher and role model to the children in my class. I am making a difference in the life of a child. Outside my classroom door, I have a quote posted from a Kindergarten conference that I attended. It states the following:

“A B C D E F G – Kindergarten is the place to be! We know we’re the best by far. Look out world we’re polishing stars. — Johanna Purvance

I look forward to “polishing those stars” and making them shine every day.