Mrs. Donna Adler

Mrs. Donna Adler

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Beginning my career as a practicum student, HBS has always felt like a second home to me. Each day, I love entering a building where students love to learn, and teachers love to educate. As an educator, if you can ignite a love for learning with children at a young age, you can inspire them to achieve many things.

My background is in Early Childhood and Special Education. I received my Master’s degree in the area of Reading at Rhode Island College. In my twelve years at Henry Barnard, I have had the opportunity to teach Kindergarten, First and Second grade.

I have a love for reading and can’t wait to share my passion with my first-grade students. We begin the year slow, and I strive to make sure each child feels like a reader right from the beginning. Taking a journey through a book opens a world of possibilities without having to leave our classroom. Some of my favorite moments of the day are reading to my class, discussing a book, or listening to a first grader read aloud. I believe children have a natural curiosity for the world around them. Nurturing this curiosity with integrated lessons in Science and Social Studies enables children to learn about their world and investigate what intrigues them the most. Each day I make every effort to create an environment where children feel comfortable to take risks and make mistakes.

In addition to academics, it is essential to make sure my students feel like a family and encourage and support one another on their learning journey. Throughout the year, we participate in activities that focus on kindness and how a small act may brighten up someone else’s day. For example, my first graders tied blankets and donated them to a children’s hospital during the Pennies for Patients drive. We created a rock garden in the front of our school to spread the message of kindness whenever you enter or leave our school. Bringing awareness of others and how we impact the world around us is a lesson my first graders will carry with them all through life.

In First Grade, we will grow as readers, writers, and mathematicians. We will investigate as scientists; explore many places around the world, and so much more. The possibilities are endless!