Paul Janaway

Mr. Paul Janaway

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I have worked in all aspects of education for 35 years. 18 years with Grades 6-12 and College students in England, and 18 years at Henry Barnard School with Pre-school through 5th grade and College students.

I have taught children and taught teachers and coaches how to teach children. It has been an exciting educational journey.

As the Physical Education Teacher and Director of Admissions, I get a unique perspective on the children in the school. I get to see them performing in the gym, and the sports field and I am lucky to interact with them in the classrooms and hallways of HBS.

I truly appreciate the children’s energy and sense of adventure when participating in all events. Henry Barnard is an excellent school for developing your child with committed teachers and staff. I am proud to say my son has graduated from the school and benefited from this excellent preparation for middle school.