Mr. Jason Santo

Mr. Jason Santo

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I believe that all students can learn and participate in the principles of music education through singing, movement, playing instruments, and experiencing technology. They need to be given a chance to express themselves in a creative manner that involves as much freedom as it involves structure. I believe an essential music program is one that fosters a child’s willingness to learn. It should be fun and non-constricting with a teacher who is vibrant and full of energy. That teacher must display a vast knowledge of music from all facets of life and culture.

Children of all physical and mental capabilities need to be allowed the opportunity to learn and express themselves. They need to experience all that music has to offer. Everyone has talent, and everyone knows. It is up to us as music teachers to steer students to use their talents and knowledge creatively and give them the tools they need to expand beyond their normal means.

Children learn through a variety of styles. Kinesthetics, fine motor, vocal expression, instrument playing, history, creating and improvising; these are the traits that allow students to show their true colors. Music is an extension of one’s personality, and it can touch the soul and change the world. All children need an outlet to let their personality, creativity, and ability run free.

Through the doors of my classroom children will be allowed to show all they have to offer. I vow to guide them on their way to greatness to the best of my ability and promise never to stifle their creativity. All children can learn. All children are beautiful.