Paper Chain activity: Community Building Hour at HBS

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On Friday, November 30, we made Paper Chains during Community Building hour. Students paired up with their buddies, and everyone worked in the hallways. Each Buddy group selected up to 4 colors of paper strips, created a pattern, and then used glue sticks to form the links of the chain. So many colors, so many patterns! Reflecting on the Paper Chain activity, Ms. Lorraine Downes said, “The links represent us as individuals, the patterns represent our link to our buddy, and the chain represents all of us as members of the HBS community.”

A vast quantity of paper chains are temporarily being stored while we prepare for follow-up activities which will involve hanging the chains in the hallways where classes can access them to do measuring and math activities, such as, estimating how many links are required to go from one place to another, for example, from the Art room to Mrs. Schwab’s room, or counting how many different patterns are represented on the chain, or figuring out if a chain is about 5” long, how many inches is it from the Gym to Ms. Millette’s room? How many feet?

The whole school enjoyed the activity, and to top it off when we were done, the teachers were amazed and impressed at how quickly and efficiently the students cleaned up. The hallways throughout the school were covered with a riot of colored strips all over the floor, and five minutes later, the leftover strips were all neatly resting in trays, organized by color, with nothing at all on the floors! Truly impressive. We are very fortunate to work with such a great group of students.