Volunteer at HBS



We want to thank you in advance for your interest in volunteering in the Henry Barnard Laboratory School. The teachers, students and staff greatly appreciate the time you are willing to share through your volunteer work here. You will add greatly to the educational experience of our students.

Some of the Ways You Can Help …

  • Assist in the Library Media Center.
  • Chaperone field trips, dances, etc.
  • Assist in the lunchroom and/or on the playground.
  • Assist teachers in preparation of bulletin boards and/or instructional materials for classroom use.
  • Help with clerical needs in the office.
  • Help children by reviewing skills, concepts taught (vocabulary flash card drill, review mathematic facts, letter formation and handwriting skills).


When volunteering, please remember that the behaviors and abilities of students, Faculty and Administration are never appropriate topics for discussions outside of HBS. 


The Faculty and Administration you work with will depend on you to be present at your scheduled time. Their tasks are planned with your help in mind. The students will expect you and look forward to you coming to their class. Therefore, if you will not be able to volunteer on a particular day, please let us know.