Hurricane Harvey and Irma Relief Efforts by HBS Second Grade Students

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HBS second graders are collecting money in response to Hurricane Harvey for the Houston Independent School District Flyers, created by the second graders, are coming home today. According to the Huffington Post, Harvey “wreaked havoc on the Houston Independent School District… forcing school closures and disrupting the lives of hundreds of thousands of students and teachers.” And, there are concerns that Houston will be unable to fully recover as “the school district has already faced crunched budgets and potential funding shortfalls.”

The second graders are asking HBS students to help Houston’s students by donating what they can in the following way:

Monday 9/11 – pennies
Tuesday 9/12 – nickels
Wednesday 9/13 – dimes
Thursday 9/14 – quarters
Friday 9/15 – dollar bills

As of now, the plan is to donate all funds to Houston. However, we are aware that there may potentially be other students in other school districts who may also be in need in future days. We will keep you posted as we move forward. 

Could you please help with this second-grade project by talking about it with your HBS student(s)? Any donations would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you, and please let us know if you have any questions,

Karen Capraro 

Michelle Nonis