How do I learn more about the Henry Barnard Laboratory School?

First, we encourage interested families to read about our laboratory school through the materials on our website. We are a unique school that educates two populations: our preschool through fifth-grade learners, and college degree-seekers who want to specialize in the field of education. Our faculty, like those of our sister laboratory schools, are scholars, master teachers, and researchers in their discipline and grade ranges. If you think our philosophy and teaching environment might be the right fit for your child, the next step would be to schedule a tour.

When do you give tours?

In general, we are available to give tours most Thursdays and Fridays, but we are happy to accommodate your schedule. Contact the main office at 401.456.8127 to schedule a visit. We also offer an Open House in the fall. If we want to apply, what is the process? We’re so glad your family is considering our school! To apply and assist you with your planning, the process is:

  • Schedule a tour.
  • Fill out an application and pay a $25 application fee. (This application fee can be waived in certain circumstances.)
  • Fill out the Parent Questionnaire.
  • Ensure that your child’s current school or child care facility completes the Student Questionnaire and submit it to the front office.
  • Schedule a Child Outreach Screening in your local school district for vision, attention, hearing, fine and gross motor skills. In Rhode Island, the Child Outreach Screening Program serves as the vehicle for screening children ages 3 - 5, before kindergarten entry. It is an excellent source of support for schools and parents.
  • Attend the required HBS readiness screening. In addition to the statewide Child Outreach Screening Program described above, HBS conducts an additional screening for each student entering kindergarten and preschool to gauge readiness, literacy skills, best classroom fit, and speech and language. (All HBS children are also given regular vision and hearing screens as part of the HBS Support and Wellness program after they are enrolled.)

After successful completion of these steps, we will send out acceptance letters and schedule a Meet and Greet social event for new families. At this time, we also require a $500 deposit to hold your child’s place, which is counted towards tuition.

Do you provide financial aid?

It is our great pleasure to announce that, in partnership with Rhode Island College, the Henry Barnard School will begin offering financial aid to qualifying families for the 2018 – 2019 academic year. We believe this is an important and responsible step in our 120-year legacy of extraordinary education and citizenship, and we are so thankful to the many families who have waited patiently for this to become a reality.

If you would like to apply for financial aid, please contact

What medical forms do you require?

Before the first day of school, we require the following forms to be completed and submitted to the front office:

How do I arrange busing for my child?

Transportation to HBS to students who reside in Providence is offered by the Providence Public School District’s Department of Transportation. Please call (401) 456-9269 to inquire about school bus routes and options.

In most areas of Rhode Island, the state offers a student transportation system for students attending schools outside their district. These include private, parochial, charter schools, career & technical education centers and approved programs, and schools serving students with disabilities. This program maximizes the sharing of buses when possible to achieve service and cost efficiencies.

Mr. Paul Janaway
Director of Admissions and Strategic Affairs
If you would like to apply for financial aid, please contact: