A Dazzling Journey to an Aquarium Ecosystem

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A Dazzling Journey to an Aquarium Ecosystem
Bucci, Karen
Science and Children, v55 n6 p49-53 Feb 2018
In this article, Karen Bucci describes how she incorporated her iPad with the wireless SmartScope iGO microscope and Wi-Viewer app to teach her fourth-grade class the science module “Ecosystems” by National Science Resources Center’s Science and Technology for Children (STC) (1996, 2005). A main idea in the unit is the importance of animals, plants, and nonliving elements in a habitat. Students build a model aquatic ecosystem to study and observe the relationships that exist between organisms and nonliving parts in larger ecosystems. Using her iPad, Smartscope iGO microscope, and Wi-Viewer app she was able to give her students a closer look at their aquarium animals. These technological tools heightened students’ understanding of the parts of a pond snail and their functions in its environment. Using technology in this capacity demonstrates how it has become an important part of education–its use in the classroom has developed from novelty to an invaluable method to present content information (Kenney 2011). When viewing pond snails through the WiViewer app, students saw, close-up, structures necessary for their survival and function of the ecosystem.

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